Yoga for Stress Management in the Workplace

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According to many studies, the workplace is a major source of stress for US adults. Stress manifests itself physically in the form of body stiffness, headaches, high blood pressure, and even a heart attack.


Stress is expensive! Employees lose wages if stress related illnesses keep them away from work. Employers spend billions due to employee absenteeism, low employee productivity, staff turnover, health insurance premiums, and disability claims. 


To minimize stress among employees as well as reduce stress related costs, employers have taken to implementing health and wellness programs in the workplace. Specifically, onsite mind-body classes, such as yoga are starting to be the norm in more cities.


As little as 10 minutes of yoga a day does wonders to reduce stress. Some of the elements used in yoga, which reduces stress, are breathing, movement, and stretching.


WHat Makes YOGA ideal for the workplace?

Convenience. Depending on the type of yoga, one does not need to change into special clothing. Furthermore, the use of equipment is optional.  Yoga can be practiced using a desk, chair, or wall.  


Scalable. Yoga can be adjusted to one's needs or wants. For example, meditation and breath work could be more appropriate for those under a lot of stress. A powerful lunchtime flow is attractive for those that don’t have time to exercise before or after work. Yoga offers a ton of variety.


Positive. A positive self-image is often associated with yoga. Other by-products include a higher self-esteem and sense of worth.  If one feels great about his or herself, one is likely to be more productive.   


Companies like Apple, Google, and JP Morgan Chase offer in-house yoga classes.  However yoga is not only for the large and global.   Smaller companies such as Bazaarvoice and Alert Logic also offer yoga to their employees.  


If your company offers yoga, I’d love to know how it has helped you.

If you are in the Houston, TX or Chicago, IL, and are interested in yoga as a method for reducing stress while increasing productivity, please contact me!