Meet Chi - Why I Teach Yoga

“You’re not ready.  Give it a few more years, assist me in my class, take this course…-insert other obstacle/demand/distraction-… and then you should be ready.”  I’ve heard that throughout the years from people I trusted and respected, which left me feeling like I was never good enough.  When I got into my 30’s, I started to realize that the belief of not being good enough has held me back from living the life I am truly meant to live.  

So often we are too busy preparing for the things we want most in life.  Because we are constantly in a state of preparation we distract ourselves from achieving our goals.  We further delay by declaring that we don't have enough time or that we are too old (or young).  We blame our inability to achieve on work and family.  However, the reality is, we do not feel we are ready.  We don't feel like we are good enough, and it doesn't help hearing that from others.

My first yoga teacher often said, “Do the best you can, and leave the rest behind.”  What he meant was to do your best by your own standards, not someone else’s.  I often reinforce the same wisdom in my classes with the intent of leaving the yogis feeling empowered. 

I teach a powerful, athletic practice.  My goal in teaching this way is to guide the yogis toward having their own practice.  Thoughts of “I can’t” will evolve to positive affirmations, such as “I can”.  Whether it is a warrior pose or a challenging arm balance the yogis will leave my class feeling ready for anything and feeling good enough.  No additional requirements are necessary. 

I received my 200 hour training from YogaOne Studios in Houston, TX and studied Restorative Yoga Therapy under Melissa Smith (  I am also a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer.  While this is not a comprehensive list of all trainings taken and workshops attended, all knowledge gained heavily influences my teachings, my practice, and my life.  I am a perpetual student and love to learn.  Namaste.