Corporate Wellness Yoga

Corporate Wellness Yoga classes are a great way to increase productivity, boost morale, and facilitate teamwork by bringing everyone together to do something fun as a group.  At the end of class, each person should expect to feel refreshed, recharged, and ready to handle their workday.  

Benefits of Corporate Wellness Yoga

For Businesses:

Ø  Increased productivity

Ø  Decreased health premiums

Ø  Decreased sick days and disability claims

Ø  Reduction in staff turnover

Ø  Attractive to potential employees seeking employment

For Employees:

Ø  Improves confidence

Ø  Increased morale

Ø  Increases motivation

Ø  Improves memory and clarity

Ø  Increases energy

Ø  Higher job satisfaction

Ø  Reduces stress and anxiety

Ø  Reduces back and shoulder pain

Ø  Increases fitness

Ø  Increases productivity

Ø  Fewer sick days


What is needed:

A quiet space large enough to use (meeting room, spare office, gym, rooftop of the parking garage).


Each person will need a yoga mat and should wear comfortable clothing (gym attire is preferable).  Feel free to bring a bottle of water.


While I recommend practicing yoga at least twice a week, meeting once a week will provide noticeable results. 


What is the next step?

Contact me today to arrange for a free consultation.  During that time we will discuss the needs of the company.